Thursday, December 25, 2008

Moving Sale

I have to move back to Japan sometimes in next year. So, I am trying to sell some here. If you are interested in, please email me.

1. == SOLD == 2005 Nissan Frontier SE 2WD Crew Cab Short Bed: $12,000-

4dr, 5 passengers, 56K Miles, 4X2, Silver, Automatic, V6 4.0L Crew Cab, Air Conditioning, Power Windows, Power Door Locks, Keyless Entry, Tilt Wheel, Cruise Control, AM/FM Stereo, CD player, Dual Front Air Bags, ABS (4-Wheel), Bed Liner, Extender, Alloy Wheels. Excellent Condition, One owner, Clean title in a hand!

To obtain more information or to make appointment to test drive this car, please cantact Santos at
(I am located in Mountain View, California.)

2. == SOLD == Mens Schwinn Criss-Cross Bike: $120-

Mens Schwinn Criss-Cross Bike for sale. This model is about 10 years old but like brand new. It has new tires on. They are not the huge off road tires but they are knobby for good grip when you aren't on the pave. It is just collecting dust in my garage. Brand new it was about $300 or more. Again, this is like brand new and is a hybrid between a road bike and a off road bike, works great for both! It also has 21 speeds.

3. == SOLD == TEETER Hangup Inversion Table for Back Stretching: $100-

Great for back pain! Works well with regular shoes or no shoes...
Good condtion no tears or damage.
Weight Limit: 300 lbs. Adjustable individuals.

4. Motorcycle Stand: $15-
(Seven foot aluminum motorcycle ramp is sold.)

Dirt bike stand for sale. It is very clean, was used only once. ($15)

5. == SOLD == Kneeling Office Chair with Wood Frame: $20-

- Kneeling chairs take the pressure off the lower back!
- Wooden Ergonomic Kneeling Posture Office Chair
- Thick Padded Fabric Seat and Knee Rest Provide Firm Support
- Natural Wood Finish
- Dual Wheel Casters



Today, we are gathering together to mediate to give and receive communications with Superior Being, and in the remembrance of the birth of Jesus Christ. We use mediation as a way of praying not just as a body, but as a spirit.

Now, let’s close your eyes. And, start to release any thoughts, problems in your mind, from your space. Begin to release from your awareness, all of the things of the world.
Just imagine that you are letting go of all of the physical efforts and problems. Check your head if you have problems in your head. You can let any problems from your head. You just need yourself in your head. The problems are not part of you. Try to start seeing yourself in your head, and let all of the problems go. Make your head as a sacred place, not to get bothered by anyone, or any thoughts.

As Jesus said, in St Matthew 6:26, But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly.

Let Superior Being to take care of running the energy in your space, letting the problems go from your space. Let’s open the doors of communication between yourself and the God of your Heart.

And now, start meditating about today’s topic, which is “giving and receiving”. I quote lines from, Luke 6:27, 31;
But I say unto you which hear, Love your enemies, do good to them which hate you, (31) And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise.

By letting the problems go from your head, from your space, you are forgiving the mistakes, or enemies that made you upset. You are giving those energies back to the places where they originally come from.
By letting the problems go from your space, you now made empty spots in your space to ready to receive gifts, new energies.
And now, let Superior Being, or you to fill the new and fresh energy up to your empty spots, spaces. Bring the bright and fresh energy into your space to make yourself shine and bright.

Amen, and Merry Christmas.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I had a friend who lived in Japan, and who read aura together with me through the internet. He was a really great psychic, but he didn’t have psychic tools to protect himself. So, unfortunately, he couldn’t protect himself from the energy attacks from the people or beings; and, he passed away a couple months ago. He was only 28years old. It was sad. I didn’t have a chance to meet him face to face, but I had a chance to talk to him on the phone. He was a very nice guy. I still remember his voice.

When I lost him, I started think of what the life after the life would be like. I started to think of the sprit would be like the water in a cup. The water that staid in a cup is just like the situation of the human, who has a spirit in a body.
Everybody dies sooner or later on this earth, and loose their bodies after die. It just like the water in a cup which wouldn’t stay inside it forever. The water in a cup would be out of it sooner or later.

A drop of water that comes out from a cup will go into the creek after they lose their physical container. And it will go to the big river later, it will go into the big ocean where the water originally comes from.
Then, the water goes up to the sky to create a cloud, and come down as a rain shower. And, some of the water comes into a cup of water again. It is the life of the water on the earth.

When I think of the life of water, it makes me to think of the life of human. The sprits are originally come from the Supreme Being, just like a drop of water originally comes from the ocean. I believe that there is life after life, and life before life.

When I was 2 or 3 years old, I had a friend whom I played with all the time, and whom I didn’t know where comes from. Then, later on, I found out that he was my brother who passed away before I was born. He was a spirit.
He showed me many things. One of the pictures he showed me was the Tibetan temple where I lived in past life. I still remember the building. It was a very strange building. Later on, I found that it was the Tibetan temple, called Potala Temple where The Holiness Dalai Lama used to live. And, my brother told me, “This is the building you used to live. Please do not forget this building.” It was a great hello from my dead brother.
The beings sometimes help me to glow spiritually. But, also some beings give me hard times.

When I was 13 years old, I was attacked by beings. I was sleeping in the old house in my home town in Japan. Then, two beings come into my dream. I still remember their figures as samurais who were Japanese warriors. I immediately recognized that my ancestor, who was also the Japanese samurai killed them; and I felt sorry for them. So, I played with them not make them feel sad. I entertained them. But, when they found out I was descend of the warrior who killed them, they decided to kill me. They hold my legs, and pulled my spirit out from my body. I saw my legs, which were part my sprit, were pulled out from my physical body. I felt great pain on my legs, and screamed for help in the middle of the night; and I made my parents wake up. Then, the beings stopped pulling my spirit from my body, and they were disappeared. I felt relived, and also they were relived (although they were dead.)

I didn’t have many experiences seeing beings since I was a child. However, when I came to BPI to read people, I started to seeing, and talking to them again. The experience of contacting the other world is not scared for me. The beings show their figures, and ask me to tell readees things they need to know, and they show me the pictures that we need to know.

Beings make me think of what the other world would be like, what the life after life would be like, where the beings are coming from?, and where they are going?
And, I think of the water in a cup, which is originally coming from the ocean.
The beings and sprits are originally coming from the Supreme Being, just like water coming from the ocean. That what I learned from the beings.

Supreme Being is the place, where we are coming from. The place, we are right now is the place we remember, and learn what He or we want to do in this world.

And now, let us pray the Load's prayer...

a cat in the summer

It is too hot even for cat not able to walk on the street in Tokyo.