Thursday, March 03, 2011

BRACO - Coming to Kobe, Japan in April 30th

Braco who is one of the most powerful and well known healer is coming to Kobe, Japan on 2011 April 30th. If you are interested in joining his gazing session, please write us email to the contact information bellow.

Braco gazes at the people's eyes who come to see his beautiful and innocent eyes. His eyes which are so pure and honest, heal many people in 5 min at once by just gazing their eyes. When he had gazing sessions in Florida in January, approximately 5,000 people came to see him; and he healed many people in 5 min by gazing.
Amazingly, approximately 220,000 people came to join his gazing session in last year.

Believe or not, many of them are healed at the site, and had experienced many miracles.

A guy, who was on the wheel chair came to the Braco's gazing session with a hope, actually walked back with his own foots after the gazing session.
You can find out his information on YouTube. There are many of his movies uploaded.

This will be one of the greatest gifts in your life if you decide to join the Braco's gazing session in Kobe, Japan. You will never know if you get miracles or not at the site, however you cannot get anything if you don't join the session. I honestly hope that you may experience the most powerful and pure energy at the gazing site by your heart and spirit.

After joining Braco's gazing session in 2010 June, my life has changed. I started a new business right after his session. I am not sure if I could call those changes in my life were miracles. However, it would never happened if I didn't go to Braco's gazing session. I hope you would find something special in your life after Braco's session.

(Japanese page)
Gazing Session in 2010 - Kobe, Japan

KITV News story on Braco the Croatian healer/transformer that aired on April

Braco in America

Braco - Awakening within us


Japan session has been canceled due to the earth quake in Japan.

The places in Japan where the BRACO's gazing session are held at:
Art Center of Kobe - Art theater:
access map 
2011 - 4/30, 5/1, 5/2

・  Sendai Shimin Kaikan
2011, 5/6

a cat in the summer

It is too hot even for cat not able to walk on the street in Tokyo.