Monday, June 05, 2017

The reason behind the existences

Wow!  Surprisingly, more than 70 people came to my seminar at Holistic Medical Treatment Association in West side of Japan, although my lecture was 2.5 hours long.  (Many people thought it was boring , however it was verly interesting that what friend of mine said.)

Seminar is all about making to think the audiences what the reason behind the existences are.
Taking about coma work, which I am involved in now as an adviser at the general hospital in Tokyo, about who are on bed as coma for more than 10 years, and who are getting some small changes on their bodies after the energetic coma work healing, like moving her mouth, which seems like "Thank you" or running tears on their eyes when I was leaving and saying "good bye".

I know those changes are so small and might not be big deal.  They have never wouldn't suddenly wake up and talk.  It never happens yet.

However, their family members also are changing surprisingly, to be happier ever more than before.  They can feel that the parson on a bed are still alive and trying to communicate with the people.  Those feelings of connections makes all of us happy.  Isn't it enough for the reason to us to do coma work and energetic healing works?

I also showed the picture of changing process of the babies and children who has disses like cerebral palsy, genetic abnormality, Down's syndrome and autism, ADHD and so on.

People could change anytime anything in any situation although they have diseases or any difficulties, if only even have a small hope and dream to be happy to connect with their family members and others.
That is the reason behind our existence to connect with others and robe happy and make them happy.

I sold 20 copies of my first published book at the end of the seminar, "Inochi no yakusoku" (The destinies of life, and our reason behind the existence), and gave signature to them.  It was the longest line never had before.

 *\(^o^)/* ホリスティック医学協会関西支部主催の講義で「いのちのやくそく」を20冊程 完売しました。参加して下さった皆様、ありがとうございますました。

a cat in the summer

It is too hot even for cat not able to walk on the street in Tokyo.