Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lights will guide her home

An elderly Japanese woman, who used to live with me in San Francisco for a while ago, just passed away two days ago at the care home in Sonoma. She has been kicked out from her condo, and been sent to the care home while back ago when she had Alzheimer because she didn't have her will. Now, she finally will find quiet and nice place.
She made contracts for her funeral with the funeral home when she was alive as no view. Because of that, no one could see her body after she passed away. I just meditated and prayed at the funeral home when I visited there, where her dead body stayed.

When I prayed for her, and talked with her spirit, the huge lights come to her, and showed and guided her the path to the home. I hope, she is doing well in finding the right path now, and will have peace and quiet time.

a cat in the summer

It is too hot even for cat not able to walk on the street in Tokyo.