Saturday, April 14, 2018

What is the Algernon Healing Project?

"The episode astonished me was about a 3-month-old baby.  (Her alias name was C-chan.)
When Rev. Satoshi moved his right hand over her face smoothly, her left eye which was opened smaller than right eye in the beginning, started to open in the same size as right one. 

She also saw me calmly, even though she was calmness before.
Her mother and friends in a waiting room were also surprised to see her changes.

After Rev. Satoshi gave C-chan energetic healing, she also moved her hands and foot actively, and cried in a loud voice like a ordinary baby at the first time since she was born."
A friend of us whose name was Haru held C-chan in her arms at that time, told me dearly.

When C was born, she was diagnosed as Down's syndrome.  Her mother and father were very discouraged and didn’t know what to do.
I met them around that time for the first time.

When I started a spiritual healing counseling for C-chan and her mother, I tried to run energy in C-chan's body and her aura, however I couldn't do it because she rejected to do so, and she was discouraged to live.

Her mother asked me, 
"Would you know what she is saying?"

I tried to listen to C-chan's voice in my hart, and replied after few minutes.

"Well, she seems trying to say... I wonder if I could be accepted to live."
It was the moment I would never forget.  The tears came out from her mother's eyes, and dropped on C-chan's clothes.

Then, C-chan suddenly started to cry in loud voice at the first time since she was born.  I was surprised because C-chan looked very weak, and didn't breath deeply.  I thought she didn’t have enough power to even cry such loud voice.

"I wanted to born and live with my mother in this world.  But I am having D's syndrome.  I didn’t want to born like this. I thought It is okay to die if none wanted me to live.  But, I really wanted to live with her.  I love you, mom."

That was the words I heard from C-chan’s hart while she was caring.
After C-chan almost stop crying, I told C-chan’s mom, “It’s okay to hold her.  She is okay now."

The tear came out from C-chan’s mother at that time for her 3-months old baby changed me a lot.

"Mother's love will be the power for children to live."
That what convinced me.

C-chan is about already 6 years old now.  She became a very fine elder sister.

Her face is almost same as a ordinary person dosn't have a Down's syndrome.  If she or he doesn't know about C-chan and seeing her, wouldn't notice C-chan has a D's syndrome until someone would tell her/him about C-chan's background. 
—— This is my imagination, that what the way of giving healing to C-chan as follow. ——

A child grows very first. The speed of the cell dividing is also incredibly first. That’s why I have to catch up to heal each cell in early stages.

* I state that the DNA of the person who has Down's syndrome wouldn’t be changed a lot, however there would be small chances on tera mea of DNA to be changed.

* I applied to heal tera mare of DNA, which are so called the tail of DNA, to turn off the switches which makes various harmful amino acid.

* And if the harmful amino acid were produced, I imagine siRNA which block RNA to be produced and attach to RNA.

* Those imaginary made teramea of DNA and siRNA which are produced inside each cell would be reproduced when cell are divided into two as the same speed as cell divided growing speed.

* It would be effective to create the teramea and siRNA when the clients are child because of the cell divided speed will be faster and faster in the future.

The processes above are the imagination while I was giving energetic healing to C-chan. As Haru and others are seeing her in good shape of growing up as a 6 year old child, I am happy and confident now of the healing style I gave to her was right.

After meeting with C-chan, I started to heal some children and family members who had issues such as developmental obstacles, Autism, Asperger's syndrome and so on. I named those healing as “Algernon Healing Project.”

a cat in the summer

It is too hot even for cat not able to walk on the street in Tokyo.